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I made the call very late at night hoping that SHE would respond favorably to my inquiry. Once the Mistress was awakened, SHE consented to my travel. With wonderment and anticipation, i sped along the freeway. It was a one hour drive to HER, yet it seemed like an eternity. I have a yearning which is at times hard to understand and define. Perhaps it is better left as is, as i just "fly to the flame" like the moth and migrate with the change of seasons to friendlier, more comforting grounds.

When i arrived it was dark, and the Mistress commanded me in. SHE demanded i undress and prepare to serve. My duties include many things domestic, as well as providing touch and attention to the Mistress as SHE requires, when and if it pleases her. I have been on the floor, in the kitchen, at the store, at her feet, bringing refreshements and lighting her smoke. I am her doormat and ashtray and a recipient of her wrath. I am a fortunate sub/slave/animal to be in the wings of this powerful Mistress.

Seemingly this contact led to yet another venture. Denial. Yes, denial, which is what i have experienced all of my life, maried, single and otherwise, since my first time masturubating at age twelve. Masturbation came easily, but the opportunity to share it with an appreciative audience was difficult to nearly impossible for me to find. My lust, greed and twisted need to serve has led me down many paths with many detours. I continue my journey here. I am again masturbating, but the denial is in the climax. IT IS NOT ALLOWED.

Mistress is interested in my angst, as she commands me to stroke my cock. Sometimes SHE commands it very fast to get me close to climax, and then slower with applied lubricant, knowing that this provides the feeling of penetration. Yet SHE commands me to hold back.

I am on the edge of the chair, naked except for my silk dress and lipstick and earings on. I am stroking my cock at the pace Mistress dictates. I am in pain as i fill with passion and the need, want and desire to release. IT MAY NOT AND MUST NOT HAPPEN.

SHE tells me to have a drink and a smoke, and i reluctantly take my hand off my hardened cock and immediately do as told. I do not dare disobey for that would surely deny any chance of pleasure in any forseeable future moment. I am feeling that climax will not be allowed, but have to put that thought to rest, as truly the pleasure of the Mistress is all that should and does matter.

SHE commands me on all fours on the floor with buttocks in the air. My cock stiffens again and the beating commences. SHE whips me like the dog i am and laughs out loud as i wince and whine. Mistress commands me to hump thin air and i comply immedaitely, only wishing there was some thing warm, soft and silky to rub against or that climax would be allowed. I continue on all fours, humping like a dog and enduring the beating on my buttocks.

For all of my indiscretions, i find myself on the floor where i belong, performing as commanded for the Mistress's benefit and pleasure. As it should be.

There is no climax. SHE commands me into bed and i succumb to her warmth and commanding presence. I hold her and give her touch to sooth her to sleep, while i quiver in my fullness. There is no climax.

In the morning, there is coffee, my black silk skirt and deep cut v top, my pearly earrings and fresh red lipstick. I have painted a nail to show Mistress, but i only wish i had the full set done, for her pleasure. This morning SHE commands me to travel for a paper, and upon my return i find some domestic chores to accomplish and a look about her. SHE has dressed in shiny acrylic and put her hair into a seductive twist. Her lips are deep red, and the plunge in her top reveals in part her humanly treasure. My cock swells immediately and SHE notices it as my skirt is moved.

I feel i cannot endure more of this, but i know that i must. While Mistress smokes and enjoys the morning paper and coffee, i am commanded to the floor and ordered to begin humping again. I am given her leg to hump and commanded to go harder and faster. SHE knows i am full and bursting, but commands me to hold. The punisment for climax without permission is indescribable, so i must endure and follow the instruction SHE gives. SHE looks down on me from her perch as i hump and adore her leggs and feet. If i could only kiss the feet and suckkle them, perhaps it would distract my need to climax. This is allowed and i press my red lips to her deserving feet and begin to inhale her as if i hadn't eaten in days. Mistress presses my head into her feet and commands me to continue the masturbating motion and i do.

After seemingly hours of suckling and bathing her feet with my mouth and keeping my cock hard and moving for Mistress, SHE commands me to her bed. I am to take my skirt and blouse off and to lay on the bed on my back. SHE watches as i undress. Fearful of what is to come, i know i must comply and promptly. Will SHE allow it or command it now? SHE laughs at my pathetic being and commands me to stroke the cock that has now been hard and soft and rubbed and stroked and denied for what seems like days. Mistress commands me to apply the warm gel and to stroke harder and longer and to go deep into my hand with my now pulsating cock. I am exhausted and soaked with sweat. SHE laughs and denies. "STROKE THAT COCK YOU WHORE, STROKE THAT COCK FOR ME YOU SLUT!!! I OWN YOU AND YOU WILL DO AS I SAY!!! YOU WHORE - YOU SLUT - YOU PIG!!! RELEASE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LET THAT CUM FLY HIGH AND KEEP STROKING YOU SLUT!!" Upon her commands there is delirium, fear, bliss and ultimate release. SHE laughs at my pool of cum and sweat as i collpase into myself. I whimper and wallow as she scolds me, laughing at my misery.

Have i pleased the Mistress? SHE commands me to the shower and instructs me to leave.

I am weak, I am tired, I am spent. But somehow I look at the Mistress, and inside am begging her to please let me stay longer, only to find another way to please HER.

Perhaps there will be another opportunity, if i have not angered her so much, to return another time, to continue my quest to be in the good graces of the QUEEN OF ALL MISTRESSES.

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